When building a house, don’t forget to consider the big picture first, regarding the type of ‘business structure’ that will include the design and construction requirements needed.

Past methods of hiring a separate architect and separate general contractor, that inherently could result in ‘disconnections’ causing cost overruns and delays, can likely be avoided with a design-build contract format.

With this system, the Principle of the firm is most often the licensed architect and the licensed general contractor, thus the very important cost, quality and schedule parameters can be monitored on a daily basis, in-house.

Therefore, in lieu of the traditional method of designing plans first and then going out to bid and hoping it will meet a client’s budget (which rarely occurs), we take the overall budget first and then back it into properly designed plans, so that at the end of the job, the cost of construction is ensured.

There are huge advantages for the homeowner if a design-build firm is selected to perform your home addition and the principle of the firm submitting the plans for approval is also both the architect and general contractor of record.

For instance, when the plans are being processed through the many entities of the Los Angeles Building and Zoning Code Departments, quite often ‘on the spot’ decisions are made that have a significant impact on the Project’s costs. When the principle is experienced and licensed in both professions, an intelligent ‘on the spot’ adjustment to the plans can be made with regard to ensuring that the overall budget remains in tact, without sacrificing quality.

Also, successful approvals from Design Review Boards and Public Hearings will result in timely plan processing, thus relieving unwanted client anxiety.

Adjunct to these basic services that an experienced design-build firm will be able to provide, is the feeling of a confident, trusting and fun atmosphere during the process.

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