DESIGN-BUILD: Residential Division

Barry Shaw & Associates (BSA) is a full-service design, engineering, and construction firm, licensed as General Contractors and Architects.

We Provide a one-stop resource of all-inclusive services for Luxury Residential and Light Commercial projects (Intro under Services tab).

BSA is the first Los Angeles General Contracting firm to be consecutively licensed for 25+ years, providing all-inclusive residential construction services with the Principal also an Architect.

Working with a firm that integrates Dual Licensure into a design and construction format gives us the ability to make instantaneous analysis and decisions throughout the entire design and construction process, thus ensuring a cost-effective, quality and timely Project, on a daily basis.

This is accomplished through our Design-Build system and assigned point of contact, which provides a seamless format of clear and timely communication.

Accepting total project responsibility allows our clients to have peace of mind and experience a gratifying process, with a result that everyone will be proud of.

We are a trustworthy and highly seasoned company, providing you with more than a quarter of a century of multiple building type experience.

Let us know what type of project you have in mind and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Best Always!



TO: Barry Shaw
RE: Architecture and General Contracting
Two Story Residence
Brentwood, CA
FROM: Kathy Wadden
DATE: May 10, 2014


I hope all is going well with you your family and business. I wish you much success in all parts of your life.

I just finished watching a 20/20 segment regarding contractors and the problems homeowners had regarding the quality of work.

I have to say I smiled from ear to ear with the positive memories. Your timeliness, coordination of schedules of your subs and the quality of the work make me a very happy camper. Considering my medical issues during the construction, you could have taken advantage of my situation. You were and are a stand-up guy who took care of me.

I look around my house and am so happy. I never want to leave. Thank you for making my retirement years so pleasant.

Kathy Wadden

Member of American Institute of Architects, AIA
CA Architect Lic. No. C22165
CO Architect Lic. No. ARC 00403520
HI Architect Lic. No. AR11535
ID Architect Lic. No. AR984674
TX Architect Lic. No. 23590

CA General Contractor Lic. No. B442403
CO General Contractor Lic. No. OL-70982
HI General Contractor Lic. No. BC26058
ID General Contractor Lic. No. RCT4418
TX General Contractor/RRP Lic. No. R-I-18942-10-01387


West Los Angeles, CA

Pacific Palisades / Santa Monica

Malibu / Brentwood

Hawaii / Austin, TX / Erie, CO

Westwood, CA

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