Paraphrasing Plato…It’s not so much the object, but rather the emotion one attaches to the object. And that’s exactly what you did so masterfully in designing and building our Santa Monica home. You brought to life our vision of transforming a circa 1939 English cottage into a sophisticated and contemporary Japanese inspired craftsman. Our appreciation of your talent is validated often by folks passing on foot and by car, stopping to admire both your architectural and landscaping prowess.

What people don’t see from the street is your design penchant for light, space, volume and flow. Even without using a Feng Shui consultant, the house flows effortlessly from old to new and back again with Zen sensibilities.

Quality craftsmanship is abundant here, evidenced by everything form foundation and framing to fit and finish of exterior stucco to solid cherry wood kitchen cabinets and granite counters.

The construction process is never without stumbling blocks and frustrations. Of importance to us, was your attentiveness to construction timelines and ability to marshall subcontractor resources.

P.S. Your enthusiasm is infectious!

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