Written as well as telephone communication with the Design-Build companies past Clients, can be a valuable resource for consideration. In particular, a Homeowner who has lived in the same home for lets say 3-6 years, will be able to provide the actual daily living evaluations, resulting from the design and construction decisions.

Also, maintenance; fixture/equipment materials; and functionality parameters is able to be evaluated over time. In person walk-throughs of past projects will reveal the results of the house plans and designs created, when building the house (please visit Testimonial: The Bardwills on our website).

That open floor plan design you saw on the plans that was about 7 inches long, is now a three dimensional reality of excitement, with natural light from skylights, volume ceilings and interesting interior design finishes. As well, the door that was drawn on the plans not even 2 inches long, is welcomed as a piece of art with white translucent glass, iron work and select grade wood rails.

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