Barry R. Shaw is a practicing licensed general contractor for (25) years as well as being a Palisades resident. His experience with multiple building types now provides his clients with specialty construction techniques for interior, remodel, first floor additions, second story additions, and new ground-up residential projects.

Throughout his entire career, Barry Shaw has maintained an impeccable State Board record, along with an A+ surety rating. We believe that a keystone to this successful record is the 24/7 availability to our Clients, thus ensuring a clear and timely decision making process. As stated by Dave L. Esq. “I particularly wanted to thank you for your amazing degree of responsiveness throughout the whole process”.

The unique Design-Build system created by Barry Shaw & Associates is certain to provide the homeowner with predetermined accountability. As Client Paul M. wrote, “We were absolutely pleased with his timeliness, work performance and most of all the quality of his work”.

Mr. Shaw is on the job coordinating his team of experts, almost on a daily basis. His selected team of local and extremely seasoned professionals, include second and third generation talent. “Barry proved to be very reliable. He has a fine crew of workman, all of whom do excellent work. They were very considerate and on time,” writes Peggy D.

Each set of plans and specifications is scrutinized by Mr. Shaw, well before submittal to the building department, ensuring the optimization of a cost effective, timely and quality project, as your local general contractor.

Member of American Institute of Architects, AIA
CA Architect Lic. No. C22165
HI Architect Lic. No. AR11535
ID Architect Lic. No. AR984674
TX Architect Lic. No. 23590

CA General Contractor Lic. No. B442403
HI General Contractor Lic. No. BC26058
ID General Contractor Lic. No. RCT4418
TX General Contractor/RRP Lic. No. R-I-18942-10-01387