Haven’t had much time to update my Blog, with out of State projects requiring much coordination time.

Our Design-Build project in Erie, Colorado consisted of a major design and construction remodel to the existing 3,500 sq. ft. single family home, as well as outdoor amenity upgrades inclusive of:
barbecues; landscape design; stereo speakers and new lighting.

The labor and material requirements are similar to a project that is ‘local,’ but necessitates a different format of ‘flexible structure.’

Since I’m licensed as an Architect and General Contractor in Colorado, we designed and built the home remodel utilizing our Design-Build system, but integrated local subcontractors and material suppliers with our Team, to optimize a timely, cost-effective and quality project.

We used our significant depth of resources, some of which I developed from my early building years in Santa Monica, along with my cabinet maker in Los Angeles; CAD drafting from our Brentwood site; supplier from Pacific Palisades and plumbing distributor from West Los Angeles. After field surveying, designing, specifying and coordinating with the on-site conditions, we had products shipped directly to this Colorado job site, thus our material supplier Team worked simultaneously with our new construction Team, alleviating the time commitment from our job site supervisor and at the same time optimizing the construction schedule.

When it came to finish work requirements, we provided two finish carpenters to further assist with the quality detailing and refinements of this custom home. Additionally, my on-site coordination for eight day periods at a time, provided the necessary alignment for continuation of a cohesive project schedule, with future goals and milestones being established, with subcontractors and material suppliers. Also, my strategic intersection with Building Inspector walk-throughs and obtaining progress Approvals, was influential to the continuous and seamless flow of work from all of the Trades.

Obviously there are many other important considerations, strategies and proactive initiatives that were implemented as well, in order to complete this substantial out-of-State remodel project in just 3 1/2 months, but for the most part, we relied on our considerable experience of designing and building for (32) years, as the foundation to the success of this job.

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