As a follow up to the previous Blog, “Open Floor Plan Design”, is the construction of our architectural plans that bring life and reality, into 3-D living enjoyment. In this case, a new Kitchen and Family Room.

After building permits are pulled, one of the first steps we take is to protect the Homeowner’s existing home and respective materials, that are to remain post-remodel work. For instance, another job we designed and built in Brentwood, CA had wood flooring in one space that we were going to ‘connect to’ with new wood flooring, so we layed down protective paper first, followed up with ½” thick plywood. This ensured that the underlying wood floor would not be affected, for the duration of the remodel project.

Equally important, we take significant precautions to try and maintain a healthy living environment for our Client’s during construction. This involves constructing temporary walls and dust shields, at strategic locations in the home.

Next step is shoring up existing structure, such as ceiling joists and rafters, preface to removing load-bearing walls. As well, disconnecting existing kitchen utilities, removal of old cabinets and demo of the existing flat ceiling to make room for the ‘volume/higher’ ceiling, is part of this process.

Now our way is cleared for installation of structural components such as foundations, posts and beams. Part of this process involves heavy steel connections and Building Inspector approvals, along the way.

Installation of the new utilities, followed by drywall; new cabinet/countertops/fixtures; flooring, lighting and then painting, will round out the general parameters for completion of the new open floor plan construction.

A Final sign-off from the Inspector; final detailing of the project and seeing the Client’s finally enjoying their home to it’s real potential, is actually just the beginning, of an everyday happy life for this family, that we had an opportunity to assist with.

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Best Regards Always,
Barry R. Shaw AIA, GC

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