Luxury House

A new Luxury Home Design-Build project in Westwood, CA, with some of the most stringent and extensive codes in the Nation, that necessitates in-depth Trade coordination; individually and cohesively, throughout the entire construction project.

In this case, BSA Inc Design & Construction scheduled a six Trade ‘rough-in’ inspection for a single day (Framing/Structural Connections; Electrical; Plumbing; HVAC; Sprinklers and Green Code requirements), admittedly a significant amount of work for an Inspector to scrutinize at one time; with typical expectations of three or so being approved.

These inspections are notably important and what we call ‘Milestones’, of which we passed, allowing us to insulate, drywall and then start finish work.  Months of preparation with multiple material suppliers, subcontractors and our in-house resources, was strategically woven in and out of daily/weekly/monthly schedules, with our close on-site supervision, ensuring quality work as well.

All Trades were building from our Architectural plans produced in our Los Angeles office, which was designed and engineered with our proprietary Design-Build system, yielding a cost effective, quality and timely project.

For example, in the case of a new ground up home, if there was only $1,500/trade of ‘industry standard’ Inspector requests, along with at least a few days for each trade to come back and revise as needed, that would have added about $10,000 in extra costs, a half a month of move-in time extension and over $7,000 in property mortgage/temporary rent expenses; not so for our Client.

But the biggest benefit to the project as a whole, was probably the ‘Seventh’ Trade; the one with no tools; no materials; no trucks and is unseen; it’s the Trade of ‘Positive Psychological Momentum’ that is so important to an ongoing and consistent progression of construction, upholding the project’s initial goals.

Everybody wins and the benefits are realized and enjoyed by all participants: the Homeowner saves time and money and will be able to move in to their new home sooner; the Subs feel a sense of accomplishment and are proud of their work and we feel quite gratified from our achievements, working with City Building Inspectors.


Best To You Always!

Barry Shaw

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