For a moment, lets assume we have an existing older home on a relatively flat site, whereby the owners are requesting that an updated, major remodel be designed and constructed. Here are a few significant categories influence home cost.
In California, environmental considerations would be one of the first aspects to address.  This would likely involve a licensed Subcontractor specializing in lead and paint analysis, as well as the abatement of said materials in accordance with EPA guidelines.
The existing ‘utility’ capacities and condition of materials/equipment, would be another analysis to perform. Depending on the extent of the remodel, some or all of the electrical, plumbing and hvac systems may need to be upgraded or replaced. Within this world are many choices to be explored and evaluated, relative to the end goals of the new Project.
The conditions of the structure itself such as the roof; exterior materials; windows; and framing systems, will contribute to cost expenditures/upgrades, but can also contribute to future cost savings.
For instance simply replacing a 20 year warranty roof with a 40 year warranty roof (on the existing home as well as the addition if part of the project), will provide the typical Homeowner with their entire occupancy of a one-time investment, of ‘coverage’. Also, this is a wise expenditure, as the difference in cost between the two different grades of roofs, is minimal.
Obviously there are many, many more considerations regarding design and construction of a cost-effective Project.  To learn more, please contact us.

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