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Barry Shaw
April 10, 2020

Capstone Mentor Program

Our dedication to soon-to-be high school grads whom are interested in pursuing education and a career in the Architecture business, continues.

We were asked by a student at a local high school in Broomfield, Colorado to provide a (1) year Capstone Mentorship, as part of his graduation requirements.

After an hour discussion on goals, commitments and preferred interest (i.e. design, construction, residential, commercial, etc.) in the profession, we agreed to provide a mentorship service per general guidelines from the school.

After close scrutiny of the school’s requirements, we came up with a pretty detailed Syllabus that broke down the schools tasks into a timeline, with activities interrelated to attainable milestones. As well, I had him keep a Journal of all the activities that were experienced.

The initial ‘meetings’ between myself and the Mentee, was planned to provide him with an overview of the various ‘segments’ of the design and construction industry and how they operate independently yet cohesively together.

Additionally I had him ponder, what is the value of architecture and how does it play a role in just about everyone’s life, now and into the future?; educational and licensing requirements; what are the major components of a building that you don’t see and what are their functions?; the purpose of a Building Department and where the Architects work culminates and when the General Contractor initiates his service; various types of communication skills Architects use and when; sustainable design; etc.

Assignments and events from the Syllabus included reading articles/books about architecture; sketching techniques; visiting an Architects office; on-site tour of a commercial project under construction in downtown Denver; photographic documentation and summary of building types under construction he saw while on vacation; tour of the local lumberyard and explanations of various types of lumber, hardware and tools; reading a set of plans; etc.

After about nine months of above and many more meetings that uncovered the voluminous aspects of ‘the business’, it was then time for him to put all of this together on a 20”x30” poster board, for presentation. Now we got to be a little creative with expressing his new knowledge of the architecture profession and his experiences during the mentorship, by designing the board with his story of what he learned and hopefully fine tune what aspect of his college major he would like to, at least initially, focus on.

It all came together beautifully with him submitting the board to his Counselor, whom graded it 100% complete.

It was again quite fulfilling for me to provide (35) years of experience in the design and construction industry to someone who could likely be designing, our built future.

Best Always,

Barry R. Shaw AIA, GC

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Barry Shaw
July 13, 2015
BSA Inc Design & Construction Tent Event

BSA Inc Design & Construction – Tent Event

We integrated again with one of our favorite charities (A Precious Child), whom assists disadvantaged children and their families, to procure a productive and happy life, in a dignified manner.

This event took place in Denver, Colorado area, not far from our satellite architecture and general contracting office. The venue was a resort golf club and included raffles, auctions and of course a catered lunch. We arranged for participation by a local restauranteur, whom we are consulting with for design and construction services for their remodel and future franchise prototype plans. He was kind enough to provide a delectable assortment of lunch entrees, supplemented by the participation of a champion Iowa smoker/barbecue ‘chef’, that we are friends with and brought in for this event.

The event was held under a heated tent, which provided shelter from light sprinkles, as well as providing an audience of almost (200) the ability to engage with many of the speakers (i.e. retired Denver Nugget star), Sponsors (i.e. Land Rover, Edward Jones Investing, etc.) and bid on an assortment of over (50) items.

We worked alongside our ‘caterers’ for the duration of the event and in the end, hundreds of thousands of dollars were in less than three hours. It was a fun, successful event for all; including of course, children in the near future that will benefit from their ‘silent partners’.

Best always!

Barry Shaw

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Barry Shaw
April 27, 2015
BSA, Inc. Community Service

BSA Inc Design & Construction – Community Service

This month BSA Inc Design & Construction partnered with a Rotary Club near Erie, Colorado, to participate in a segment of the Boulder Valley School District Capital Improvement plan.

About ten of us assisted with reconstruction of the landscaping and upgrades to the school site, at the Alicia Sanchez International School. The days program was guided by
Principal, Doris Candelarie, Ph.D. (seen in photograph with Barry Shaw). The children attending this school come from economically disadvantaged families, thus are not ‘equipped’ with the resources or home environment, that peers at other schools may have.

We feel that One’s environment, whether it be at home, school or work, provides a tangible and/or subliminal atmosphere, that can offer positive influences and be supportive to productive daily outcomes. When children embark onto this schoolyard, their first ‘impression’ when stepping onto the school grounds, are in fact, the grounds themselves.

Therefore, just as the initial entry to a remodeled home provides us with an enriched sense of well being, so does the presence of what these children see, smell and ‘absorb’, on there way to start school in the morning. At the end of the day, an organized, clean, colorful, informative (some of the plants and trees had identification tags on them for educational purposes) and well maintained landscape environment, had been established.

Best Always!, Barry R. Shaw AIA, G.C.

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