Leverages Homeowner Savings:

Designing and building a new Luxury Home is typically structured with the Owner hiring a separate Architect and separate General Contractor, or one entity licensed to provide both services, but….

who does the Owner really have, as an independent fiduciary to them only and is a seasoned ‘On-Call Consultant Resource’, looking after their own personal best interests, inclusive of:

arrow_13x14b  Optimizing and receiving the best direct-cost Supplier price for the project’s material and labor (available from our pool of proven resources)
arrow_13x14b  Contract Safeguards (ensure you’re protected against excessive cost and time overruns within Subcontracts)
arrow_13x14b  Construction cost saving insights/Cost data crosscheck throughout the entire job (capitalizing from our three decades of building experience and refined methodologies)
arrow_13x14b  Conjoining with other team members, to provide the Owner with unrealized project benefits

Thus, BSA, Inc. has recently (2016) been hired as exclusive Architect and General Contractor Consultants, by Homeowners in Santa Monica, CA, to perform these services for their new ground up 5,000 sq. ft. home and detached Studio/Garage.

In our first meeting and before foundations were even poured, just two of our insightful construction cost saving suggestions paid for our fee and saved the Owner’s over $20,000 in construction costs, that were slated to be spent.

Consulting services can be provided remotely and/or on-site, along with adjunct capabilities which include:

arrow_13x14b  Photographic documentation of construction
arrow_13x14b  Rework/explore alternate floor plan efficiency designs
arrow_13x14b  Contractor performance resolution
arrow_13x14b  Client construction job-walk analysis

For more information or discussion on how our Consulting Services could best benefit you and your project, please inquire in our Contact page at: www.bsadesignbuild.com

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