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consult-buttonMr.Shaw starting working with General Contractors building homes and light commercial projects, about three decades ago. His day-to-day experience and progress in construction methodologies, optimization and proper use of various materials, and side-by-side coordination with other Trades, earned him promotion to Superintendent rank, followed by Project Manager status running multiple projects.

His entrepreneurial interests led him to obtain his General Contractor license and flexibility to diversify as well. Construction of affiliated building types such as restaurants, hotels and offices, provided keen insights to kitchen design and spacial functionality, that can be adapted successfully to home building as well.Los Angeles Beautification Award presented to Barry Shaw & Associates for Home Building West LA

It’s been said that a home’s floor plan is the ‘heartbeat’ of it’s existence. Creation of these unique, interesting and enjoyable designs, is an expertise that BSA, Inc. weaves into a timely, quality and cost-effective construction process, resulting in a value-engineered Design-Build project of benefits. As stated in email by Mary Anne S.: “Aloha Barry, I have looked over the plans and can see how beautiful and easy the design would be to live in and enjoy the pool. I had visualized the driveway coming down on the North side of the property to the garage which was in the middle of the lot and entrance to garage was on the North side. I don’t know how I came up with that! But I love this design and of course the shorter drive into the garage is great and less costly. Good planning and YOU are the Architect.” And upon culmination of Construction Services in Santa Monica, Joyce A. states: “As the house is coming to completion, I wanted to write you this letter and let you know that I am most grateful and blessed to have had you as the Architect and Contractor”.

Mr. Shaw and his seasoned team, integrate effectively with City Officials, Clients, Subcontractors, Material Suppliers and the Environment; whether it be a light commercial project in Denver or Luxury Home in Los Angeles, our architect and general contractor abilities posses keen insights, for procurement of consistent approvals and job progress.

Our projects have a wide range in value, but our integrity is priceless; as emailed to BSA from John S. in Thousand Oaks: “We trust you very much and I hope you never feel like my inquiries are anything other than me trying to get my head around things”.

We look forward to chatting with you regarding your Luxury Home or Light Commercial Project requests, that may be suitable for our all-inclusive, one-stop resource of Design-Build Services.

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