A2.0 - ELEVATION 412Our Colorado office has recently been commissioned for a new, ground up commercial building, about thirty minutes North of Denver.

The site is a .75 acre parcel of land that is relatively flat and lies adjacent to a secondary highway, providing vehicular visibility to the new building. As well, patrons inside the spaces will be provided with beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains and vibrant Winter sunsets, from strategically located windows at a height above ‘car level’, thus ensuring the tranquility of this private Club.

Master planning for future growth and building expansion will be in delienated in our design considerations, with regard to footprint location on the site; placement of extra wide exterior (future interior) wall doors (openings); hvac/electric/plumbing/security properties and parking/landscape layout.

The structure will be composed of prefabricated steel frames in the shape of a gable, erected by cranes. Working with this type of cross section allows for open volume ceilings on the interior that’s highlighted by the dynamics of colored (reflecting the Club’s color scheme) ductwork, streaming under the rooftop, in a functional and organized fashion. At night, energy efficient, soft hue LED lighting will pleasantly ‘wash’ over the smooth finish walls and hi-tech flooring.

The shape of the roof slopes also provide opportunity for solar panels to be utilized and energy efficiency optimized, at this towns elevation of 5,030 feet and availability of plentiful sunshine. The South facing slope will be designed so that the panels lay flat on the roof, integrating with the architectural form.

The exterior walls will have a wainscot of stone work, with an inviting warm presence, on each side of the entry doors, culminating One’s approach from the landscaped parking lot.

Architectural plans have just begun, followed by engineering, building department submittal and then on to construction. Our team of Consultants (Civil Engineer, Land Surveyor, Soils Engineer, Structural Engineer, etc.) are simultaneously starting work, as part of our two decade+ Design-Build format, that ensures a timely, cost effective and quality job.

This project has been synced to work with the Season’s in this part of the country, with design and engineering in the Winter; building department processing in the Spring; and construction during Summer and Fall.

Our one-stop design and construction Service, along with (10) licenses in multi-States, provides Client’s with a unique resource of all inclusive services, for light commercial and residential projects.

This streamlined approach, accepting full responsibility for the design and construction of our projects, provides our Clients with peace of mind and a gratifying experience, that all of us will be proud of.

Let us know what type of project you have in mind and

The Best For You Always!


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